Fitness Center

$39 per month

Our fitness center includes treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, plate selectorized equipment, and a free weight section


Cardio Lab

$55 per month

Unlimited High Intensity Interval Training classes using assault bikes, rowers, and ski ergs, paired with floor work and yoga style stretching between intervals. Great for all levels!

*Includes a Fitness Membership

Strength Lab

$75 per month

The Strength Lab is our 3000sq ft strength and conditioning facility that includes multiple power racks, specialty powerlifting equipment, turf, and some strongman implements.

*Includes unlimited Cardio Lab classes and a Fitness Membership

UF Unlimited

$100 per month

This is our premium all-inclusive membership that includes unlimited #powerful classes- our flagship barbell class as well as #powerful bootcamp that puts a different spin on strength and conditioning.

*Includes unlimited Cardio Lab classes and a Fitness Center Membership