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3 Spice Level 11 Full-body Exercises You Need To Add

posted on March 21, 2024

Variety is the spice of life and you know in CeJ’s kitchen we kick the heat up to 11.

There are many great classic exercises that are a staple in my training routine but sometimes you have to get creative and lean on unique exercises to drive Adaptations and keep training exciting. Recently I have been messing around with some unique exercises that I have been having a lot of fun with. Hold onto your butts and check out these three spice level 11 exercises.
1) Cable Lateral Lunge to Rotation. This exercise will heat you up. Start by grabbing the single handle attachment for the cable. Once you grab the handle attachment you’ll start the exercise by taking a lateral lunge step away from the cable stack. From that start you’ll use your hips and Abs/trunk to rotate away from the cable stack. Violently pressing your arms away from the cable stack you’ll almost think of this motion as a swing of the bat in sports or that you’re a badass samurai. Whichever one fits your vibe for the day. I enjoy this exercise because it’s a full body motion that requires power and strength from my lower body all the way through my upper body. Also this is a great exercise to challenge your abs during both the concentric and eccentric portions of the movement.
2) High Handle Prowler Push Press. Talk about a full body highly functional exercise that will put fear in the hearts of gym bros and have real ones now their heads in respect. This one is pretty simple, load a prowler with a lighter load to start. You’ll grab the high handles of the prowler with your hands while you wedge your body in about a 45 degree angle and dig your feet into the floor. From that position vision that it’s 4th and inches on the goal line and your team needs to score or that you are a power frog. Boom! Powerfully drive your legs through the floor as you transition power into your hips and send the prowler gliding across the turf with a powerful press from your upper body. Take this down the turf as quickly as you can.
3) The Turkish Get-Up. This exercise could be the ruler of all functional exercises. Navigating your body from a laying position on the floor to a tall standing position with a weight above your noodle, I mean what more could you ask for. To see an unbelievably excellent example of how to do this exercise, I recommend looking up my last blog and video on Get-Ups.
If you’re already doing these frighteningly spicy exercises then I commend you. If you aren’t yet getting down with these 3 beauties then I’d gladly show you how to do them and add them into your exercise program.
Stay spicy my friends


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