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Meal of the Week – Mariah’s Cilantro Lime Salmon

Can you say superfood?! Salmon has so many health benefits as well as being uber tasty! It’s probably top of my favorite sea meals. Going forward, I’m trying to incorporate new dishes into my prep besides just chicken and rice. I want to add some flavor to my routine so let’s see how these couple weeks go, and I’ll keep you updated!


So back to what you came for. Salmon is a good source of potassium, balancing blood pressure, and your immune system. It also is an anti-inflammatory so helping with recovery thanks to its Omega-3s for all my lifting friends.


With this main dish, I would pair it with 1 cup of 5 min white rice I usually squeeze lime juice and garlic powder to give it some flavor as well as 1 cup of steamed brussel sprouts. I just buy mine from Aldis usually cost around $1.27 for a bag. Their 5min white rice usually comes out to be $1.70.


So delicious! And guess what it takes only 20 mins for the whole meal, so if you’re looking for a quick dish this week this one is a goooo!


Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 10 mins

Total time: 15 mins

Serving: 6



2 tbs oil

1 lime (juice/zest)

2tbs cilantro, coarsely chopped

½ jalapeno, coarsely chopped

1 clove garlic, coarsely chopped (I used 1tbsp of minced garlic)

2 lb salmon fillet



  1. Puree the oil, lime, juice, and zest, cilantro, jalapeno and garlic in a food processor until smooth.
  2. Place the salmon on foil on a baking sheet, pat dry, season with salt and pepper, spread on the cilantro and lime mixture and bake in a preheated 400F/200C oven (or barbecue) until just cooked, about 10-15 minutes.



245 Cals

14g fat

1.5 g carbs

30 g protein


Meal of the Week – Lindsey’s Last Minute Lunch

Keeping this one short and sweet. I didn’t leave a lot of time for meal prepping this weekend, but I always have a back-up plan. This is where I rely on foods that are quick to cook or just need to be microwaved for a quick meal. Surprisingly, I always get told this particular meal smells good, so maybe you’ll like it too.

I was so behind this week that I grabbed my ingredients from Giant Eagle on my way to work!


What I Use:

  • Cooked Jasmine Rice (either in the rice cooker, or buy a bag of microwaveable rice)
  • Birds Eye Broccoli Stir Fry, half the bag
  • Cooked chicken (I try to cook up a pound of chicken thighs before running to work most days, but if I can’t I grab the $5 grilled chicken breasts from the prepared food section of Giant Eagle)
  • Soy Sauce to taste
  • Cashew pieces to taste, for a crunchy topping

What I Do:

  • If using microwaveable rice, start with that and follow the directions. If you’re lucky to have a rice cooker like me, get that going early so it’s hot and ready when you’re hungry.
  • Throw half the bag of veggies in a bowl and top with some salt, microwave until cooked most of the way through.
  • Cut up chicken and add to the bowl of veggies. Add soy sauce to taste. Microwave until it’s all hot.
  • Throw on top of your prepared rice.
  • Top with cashews.
  • Eat and enjoy (even though you’re in a rush).


When I think ahead, I like to keep other sauces around to mix this meal up (Thai curry is REALLY good, but even having some sriracha and PB2 around to make a quick peanut sauce is a tasty change). It’s healthy, easy, and keeps me full through work, training, and teaching. And as a side note, it took every ounce of my self-control to take a picture of this bowl and not just scarf the whole thing down in 3 minutes. You’re welcome.


Meal of the Week – Alison’s Edamame Noodles

Say hello to my newest obsession: Edamame Noodles. 


I stumbled upon these bad boys at Aldi this weekend while my kids were searching for the perfect noodle. (Unbeknownst to me, I might have found mine too!) They settled upon linguine and I popped these organic, gluten free & vegan noodles in the cart too.  A good gluten free noodle is hard to come by, so naturally I was a little wary.  I’m happy to report that they got a gold star from me!


  • Tastes good
  • Fast cook time
  • Cheap
  • Healthy
  • Versatile


I’m always excited to find a noodle that has a hefty amount of protein and just one serving (about 2 oz dry) packs a massive 24g of protein, only 20g of carbs and 3.5g of fat.  Wins all around!


For lunches this week, I tossed the noodles in about ½ teaspoon of pesto sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, paired with BBQ grilled chicken and fresh from the farm green beans.

Meal of the week- Ryan’s sunny side up special

Food log 7/3


I have recently moved- the downside is my commute is no longer down the stairwell, out the door, and into UF.  But I love where I’m living- beautiful location, more space, and a patio – so it has been a great decision. One of the biggest upgrades is the size of the kitchen. The kitchen that I have available to me now is probably double the size of the kitchen that was in my studio. I love it, which only encourages me to cook more often. With that being said, I have been able to try new dishes rather than just eating bison and rice. I have cooked all sorts of delicious summer food’s from chicken with homemade mango salsa to a new pasta dish with chicken, basil, and parmesan cheese to homemade French toast in the morning. My first reaction is never take a picture of my meal when I am about to eat so unfortunately you don’t get to see any of those.


So this week, I have a pretty normal meal for you…


Sunny side up eggs, toast with almond butter and jelly, and a large slice of pineapple. 


I highly recommend almond butter. It can be a bit more pricey than peanut butter, but I prefer the taste.


I am still working on eating larger meals. I tend to under-eat so my goal is always to get enough calories for the day and I have to be especially conscious on training days because I need even more calories to fuel my training and recovery.

Meal of the Week – Lindsey’s Take Out??

Lindsey’s Meal of the Week

It’s really just more of the same!


A few months ago I wrote about how I eat when I’m traveling, and it turns out I really don’t eat that much differently when I’m at home. My schedule has been pretty intense this month – between working some extra hours during the Iron City Open, traveling back and forth across the state (again), helping out a friend, and ramping up my training, I haven’t had a ton of free time to cook. Luckily, I have two staples that I can turn to in times of need. 


The first one is take-out! I’m lucky that I live in Squirrel Hill – there is so much variety in the food here, and plenty of healthy choices! While I don’t always pick out the healthiest things (the burgers at Murray Avenue Grill are secretly some of the best I’ve ever had), my absolute favorite is the grilled chicken hummus meal from Aladdin’s on Forbes. I get it probably once a week at this point. I also add one of their salads to round things out (and since I’m running so much, lots of pita for dipping). It really is as simple as some grilled chicken thighs and veggies on a huge bed of hummus. But it’s affordable, healthy, and means I don’t have to cook OR clean after a long day. 



When I don’t feel like ordering take-out (AKA when I’m trying to be better about money), I always keep some quick cooking staples around – namely the same bags of pre-chopped salad I talked about in my last food log, frozen salmon fillets, and fruit. As soon as I walk in the door after work, I throw the salmon in some water to quick defrost, then take my hyper little dog for a walk. When I get back, he gets fed, I cook that salmon up, mix the salad, throw some fruit in a bowl, and sit down to finish whatever work I have left that day.


It’s not the fanciest, but it keeps me going when I don’t have a lot of time for prep. While yes, it would be easy to let my cravings take over when I’m this busy, I know that my training goes WAY better when I’m feeding myself well, and that’s a huge priority in my life. These are just some of the ways I’ve found to make my lifestyle work for me!

June Meal of the Week- Alison’s 500 calorie lunch prep

Meal of the Week

Alison Yee


This weekend I meal prepped 30 meals for my sister, brother in law and myself in under an hour. My weekends tend to be fairly busy but I prioritize meal prepping because I know how much I fall apart during the week without taking the time to plan ahead.  I remotely coach and program for my siblings and decided to meal prep for them as well because, honestly, I was sick of their bitching.  The constant choir of “Why am I not losing body fat?!?” and the “I swear I’m doing everything right!” was so irritating in the way that only family members can irritate that I had no choice left but to take over their kitchens.