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Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Friday Union fam, it’s been another solid week here at the facility and we’re ever so thankful as always for everyone who is part of this community. This is an especially weird time, but for those of you who have returned we thank you for allowing us to continue to do what we love every single day.


We’re back with a fresh group of faces you’ve probably see around here daily. These coaches/trainers have some kind words to say about the week they have had here with all of you, find their wrap-ups below.


Haley Tamilia:


The last week at Union Fitness was a real treat. Friday morning brought new and familiar faces to our 6AM Vinyasa practice. I’ve been enjoying the spaciousness and ambiance of Nova Place, where we’ve been able to practice on the second level with colorful lights and floor to ceiling windows. 


I returned in the evening for yin, surprised by the number of folks who came to find peace. Yin classes on Friday and Saturday feel like a gift to me; while I lead mantras and suggest shapes, I’m not a teacher when I’m there. I’m a member of a loving, present community. We sit together, breathe together, and create space in our bodies, minds, and hearts. 


The workweek started anew, and I was joined by Thad and Gabe, two dedicated yogis who have been joining me consistently for 6AM Vinyasa. After flowing around the mat, Gabe told me how his immersion into yoga has brought clarity, focus, and productivity to his days–even earning him a recent promotion. 


I’m so grateful for all of my students, and looking forward to what next week may hold!


Toria Crispin:


I covered our Saturday Cardio Lab class this past weekend and that crew absolutely killed it even though it was a pretty cold morning. On Monday night, I helped Curtis out with the 5:30pm and 6:00pm #Powerful class which was a great experience. I loved seeing everyone put in the work on their Monday squat day. I also coach the Tuesday and Thursday 6:00pm #Powerful classes alongside CJ as well as the Friday 5:30pm #Powerful class – I’ve had some solid crews coming in and crushing it these past few weeks. You guys are awesome, and I love working out with you!


(Special shoutout: Lisa, Pawel, Terrance, Brian, Kirsten, Christian, Alp, Mohan, and Milind for recently putting in the work here with me) .


Matt Grayson:


I have been considerably lucky because I have had beautiful weather for all my classes. And I believe that our members workout harder when the weather is nice. My motto is “I LOVE HARD WORK” and I have to say in each one of my classes, the members have destroyed my workouts. I get excited to see them push and to persevere through my “easy” workouts!! 


The energy they generate is contagious throughout the gym, which makes UF the best place to train and coach at!!!


Weekly Wrap Up

Alright Union fam, every Friday we are going to start doing a weekly recap of the things that have gone on inside of Union, clients who worked their tails off with our personal trainers or members who we saw crush it in class or on social media (tag us, we love it!). 


All of our trainers/coaches will be writing their recaps in their own words, so be sure to read our blog every Friday for all the happenings within Union Fitness though our employees eyes.


Jocelyn Lemay:


Between Piyush, Women’s Powerful and Cardio Lab, my week was awesome. I really look forward to my Tuesday Cardio Lab because it’s the same crew and this week I had a treat of two new faces in my class, Ryan and Brendan whom crushed it along with the rest of the class! I was certainly having an off morning until I came into coach, these guys had me amped with their effort and energy.


This week for Women’s Powerful in class it was just me and Diane, we had ourselves a solid hour. We have been working on our stability in a split stance/lunge position and she continues to impress me weekly, keep it up girl!


Lastly, Piyush has been putting time into his Olympic Weightlifting. We’ve been cleaning up his positions and working on committing to each movement, he pushes hard and I just have to shout him out for hitting a 260# Back Squat double when his 1RM is 265#!


Curtis Miller:


Over the past couple of weeks, our Cardio Lab and Powerful Classes have been on the rise. The addition of the new Performance Lab has been great for accommodating new and existing members, and providing them with the best training experience possible.


Long time member Kim Judy will be leaving us after 2 and a half years as she begins her new journey in Ohio. Kim was active in Cardio and Powerful class 3-4 times per week and was always a blast to work with. Although she will be moving on, her spirit and positivity still remains with us.


Erika Osorio hit a very good deadlift personal record. Erika began taking classes in June as a beginner to our Powerful class. After just a few months she has developed a solid base of strength, conditioning, and technique that will continue to keep her progressing.


Haley has been doing an amazing job with Yoga classes. She has even been going out into the community introducing her Yoga classes to members and non members all around the city. She most recently taught a free Yoga session at Market Square. Be sure to ask about her upcoming classes.


Cayt Neff:


Allie has transitioned from front squat and is now learning how to back squat. She also attempted the GHR for the first time and worked up to 8 reps!


Harry is approaching his two year mark since being diagnosed with an aggressive form of Glioblastoma. Since then he has completed treatment and is now receiving clean scans each visit. We started working together prior to his diagnosis and he has not skipped a beat since the very beginning. His approach to life is admirable and exemplifies a way that all would benefit. He recently had an opportunity to film an interview with Ryan Shazier and that video is posted today, October 16th through UPMC!


I’m so proud of the work ethic and attitude of all of my clients. Go Sharon, Kirsten, Deirdre, Allie, Nick, Harry, and Yiqun – you are the best and make my week.


To my Wednesday evening cardio lab crew (Steph, Raelynn, Terrence, and Kyra): way to finish a tough workout! We also saw a golden retriever puppy :).


Cody Miller:


Andrew Tennenbaum has shown a substantial amount of resilience the past couple weeks by continuing his training through a recent accident. I’m proud of him.


Nate Kimel has been ridiculously consistent and is doing the things necessary to decrease his pain. He’s a stud. I’m proud of him.


Ashley Koltonski is a trooper. Super focused and disciplined. She’s getting better at everything every week. I’m proud of her.


Kyle Hartenstein is a rocket ship. You would think that his job was making gainz the way his training has been going. I’m proud of him.


Eric Price makes improvements every week. Loves training and gives a great effort every week. I’m proud of him.


Dave Jackson:


I just want to give a huge shoutout to everyone I work with on a weekly basis!


From my people who show up at 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning to get work done before their real work begins and my personal training clients too.


I love y’all and look forward to the continued work we do together!!!