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2023 New Years Super Class & SO MUCH MORE

Kick off 2023 with a great workout and your friends from the U. We are hosting our next Superclass on January 1st, 2023 at 11 AM. Sign ups are live here.


The first Superclass of the year will be prior to UF opening for 2023. I have listed our holiday hours here at as well.


  • Dec 24th 10AM-2PM.
  • Dec 25th Closed.
  • Dec 26th 9AM-4PM.
  • Dec 31st 10AM-2PM.
  • Jan 1st Noon-4PM (with superclass only at 11 AM).


As with all of our Superclasses we will have a mix of cardio and lifting. We are also offering this class free to everyone, member or non-member. So bring a friend and have some fun with us New Years day. One thing we do ask of you is to donate to the West Penn Burn Center. The reason we are asking for to donate to this cause is because we have seen a string of fires recently and we would like to help those who have been affected by these tragedies.


Yours in Strength,


Todd Hamer


PS Happy Holidays.




Superclass, Burn Your Turkey

We held our annual Thanksgiving Superclass again last week. First  and foremost THANK YOU. We had over 35 people attend, we raised a few hundred dollars for a needy family, and we had bags and bags of canned goods donated for the needy.


One of our goals here at UF is to create a place where the community can come together. Being a “gym” is easy, improving our community is the real work. We have hosted Superclasses at different times of the year for different purposes. Each of our Superclasses has been used as a fundraiser. We have worked with too many charities to mention.


The Superclasses are not just a feel good event. These classes are also an opportunity to burn some calories and do something different for yourself. Often UF is seen as a “powerlifting” gym. Yes, we have some great, and very stronger lifters, yet we take pride in being so much more. No matter what your reason for entering UF daily we are here to help you reach your goals. I have listed out some things that we do that you may not know about, and may interest you. Try something new and do something different for yourself.


  1. Yoga Classes. We have over 8 classes a week. Haley leads our Yoga and her team does an amazing job.
  2. CardioLab Classes. CardioLab is the ultimate kick your butt class. Whenever I take a class I just pray I don’t see Steph, as I know she will have too much positivity and enjoy destroying me with a big smile.
  3. Powerful is our flagship class. We offer 4 hours of powerful a day. Powerful is a lifting class that is based upon the power lifts. Curtis and CeJ do a great job planning these classes.
  4. Blitz. This is a lunchtime class (and it is free to all members). Blitz is a 30 minute lift/cardio session. I know some members use this as a recovery session between lifts.
  5. Multiple yearly outdoor events. We have hosted runs, bike rides, and outdoor classes. We will be announcing a very special December ride soon so keep your eyes peeled.
  6. Talk to one of us about your goals. No this is not a class, yet we are here for you. Our staff is here to help you. Use the people in here to help you in anyway we can.


This is just a short list of ways you can improve yourself here at UF. Our goal is to make the hour you spend in UF the best hour of your day. Now go do something to burn some calories.



Happy Thanksgiving

It is the most wonderful time of the year. It is the time to have the extra piece of pie and a glass of wine. It is OK to go out, have a little fun, live your life, and enjoy the time with family and friends.


What’s happening at UF this week?


  1. Check our hours. We are closing early on Wednesday (6 PM). Thursday we are only open for our SUPERCLASS, come burn your Turkey with us.
  2. Speaking of the Superclass, we will have the gym open Thur 10-11 AM for the Turkey Burn Class. If you have not been to a Superclass we will use the entire gym, and mix lifting as well as cardio.
  3. We are raising money for a special secret fundraiser. I know that this is not very helpful, but it’s a surprise for a family in need. Please feel free to bring a few bucks to help a needy family. We are also having a canned good drive for our local community.


This is a short list of happenings here at UF this week. Happy Thanksgiving and we are thankful for you trusting us with your health, fitness, and strength journey.



The Importance of Fundraising Classes: Special Guest Blog

When you think of fundraising classes the first goal that comes to mind is just that, raising funds. Most often these classes support a cause like a  nonprofit who is dedicated to making a difference. Other times the focus is an individual who for whatever reason is in need of support. 


In my experience I find these events often build something much deeper and even more impactful than just money. Often times we see strangers join together for the first time during these classes united to  increase awareness on the cause being supported. How can we spread the word? How can we get the message out? How can we use this as a platform to help others outside of the gym long after the workout ends. 


These types of classes build community and more often than not let others know they are not alone in their journey. For my class specifically it was my first time meeting the majority of the guests who showed up to support. The idea that someone who I had never met before took time out of their life to come support my family and a cause we hold so close left me inspired. Inspired to be better. Inspired to do better. I walked away from our event encouraged to show up for others the way my community showed up for me. The commitment to be that person there for someone when they need me the most. The same way each person who walked through the gym door of my December superclass stood by me when I needed them the most. 


In May I will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon representing those impacted by brain tumors. Specifically glioblastoma. Please stay tuned for updates and future posts on how you can help support our May marathon event and other future fundraising initiatives. 

Superclass…TURKEY DAY!

A few times a year we get the chance to close UF down for the day and hold one big Superclass. Nothing says sweating and working hard like turkey day. We are excited to have this years biggest workout on Thanksgiving. We will be using the entire gym and can spread everyone out safely.


As with all of our special events this one will be free to anyone and everyone who wants to attend. What we do ask is that you support a good cause by either,


  •  Bring non-perishable food items in this month, or
  •  Donate cash to our secret fundraiser. It’s only a secret because it is going to be a surprise for a friend of the gym, who has had some health issues.


This years Superclass with be held at 10 AM November 25th. The class with take around 60-75 minutes. The class will be a mixture of lifting, cardio, and stuff that only CeJ understands. We will have special gifts and prizes for those who attend. Join your friends from the gym, and burns a few calories prior to eating your face off. Our goal is to have fun, raise money, and make sure we don’t lose all of our gainz during the holiday season.


Bring  friends, family, or anyone visiting for the holidays, and let’s all get strong together!



Ghoulz and Gainz

Join Union Fitness for Ghoulz and Gainz, Sunday October 31st at 8:30 am to support the National Autism Association. It is open to all so dig up your zombie friends to come sweat the witches brew and candy off. The morning will start with a group warm up and then a SUPER CLASS. Cardio and lifting for an all-around gain to strengthen your muscles and get your blood pumping. Beware the vampires after, they’ll smell the sweat. A fun time is sure to be had and costumes are recommended for maximum enjoyment. If you don’t wear a costume it is an extra 31 laps around the grass. 


Union Fitness is teaming up with the National Autism Association to raise awareness for the Blue Bucket Halloween Project. This is a relatively new and unofficial signifier to show that a trick or treater has autism. This stubble indicator can help those handing out candy respond in an appropriate manner. People on the autism spectrum may have sensory issues, be non-verbal, and/or be older but functioning at a lower cognitive level. Having this indicator can show each house that the child may not be able to say trick or treat, or wear a costume due to uncomfortable fabric. For kids and young adults, Halloween can be a fun and scary time and making sure the fun is at the forefront for every kids Halloween experience is key. Eliminating some of the anxiety and promoting a feeling of independence will allow those who are not able to participate in the traditional aspects or Halloween enjoy the night as much as everyone else. Keep an eye out for those carrying a blue bucket, make those in your neighborhood or community aware, and if you have a child, or know someone with a child with autism share this tool, so that they can help their child have a fun and safe time. 


Visit the link below to contribute to the National Autism Association mission to advocate for federal policy and resources, research critical challenges that families and individuals face, and educate families, first responders, and service professionals throughout the U.S. Also help Union Fitness reach our goal of $310 to make this Halloween special! Hope to see you all dressed out and ready to work on Halloween at 8:30 AM. 


Please sign up on our website.


Donate here.

Memorial Day Superclass

We are beyond happy to announce the return of our SuperClasses! On Memorial Day, May 31st, we will be hosting a superclass. Come to UF and train for an hour. Also, donate to a great cause. This year we are raising money for Veterans Place. The donation link is here.


Veterans Place is a local organization that helps many homeless veterans get back on their feet. We are happy to work with Veterans Place on this and hope to make a difference in our community.


Class Details;

When: Monday May 31st, 2021, 10:30-11:30 AM.


Where: Union Fitness, Performance Lab.


Who: Anyone and Everyone, member and non-member.


Why: Because we want to do good in the world.