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Fitness, Fact, Fiction, & It Depends

posted on June 6, 2022

Too often in fitness people look for the easy answer. Rarely is it black and white. Most answers are “it depends.” Today I am going to take a look at some different beliefs and how true they are.


  1. Calories in vs calories out. It has often been said that this is all that matters. While clearly increasing calories tends to make you gain weight. Yet there are many other variables. The type of calories does matter. Marshmallows are not the same as an apple, also protein vs carbs make a huge difference.
  2. Knees over toes is good…or bad. Well it depends. For a time knees over toes was assumed to be bad. Then knees over toes was all the rage. As with anything it depends on the person. There is a time and place to train a vertical shin angle and there is also a time to force your knees forward.
  3. Behind the neck pulldown and presses are dangerous. This depends upon your anatomical structure. A third of the population have a very open shoulder joint and are fine with behind the back presses and pulls. Another third of the population will probably be able to get away with doing behind the neck work. The final third of the population tend to have an aggressive hook on their acromion process and should avoid these movements. How do you know which third you are? You won’t, so if these movements bother you, then don’t do them.
  4. Train your core. I personally loathe the word core. Too often this is just a catch all. I’ve too often heard, this person’s core is weak. How do we define this? Maybe their body is weak? We know there are movements that we should use to improve our strength and at times the rigidity of our midsection. Yet, saying core is unquantifiable and often unjustified.
  5. Stretching before you train. Are you tight? Then sure do some stretching. If you have hyper-mobilty, then no need to do the extra stretching before training. With all of that said it is important to move through full range of motion prior to training. So stretch, move, and exercise more.


This is just a short list of fitness ideas that may have some truth yet also need some explanations.  Be careful when anyone tells you the way things MUST be done as they are either selling something or full of crap.




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