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I’m old and I Love it.

posted on March 9, 2021

I have now competed in powerlifting for over 20 years. I was supposed to compete in 2020 but my meet was cancelled. I am so old in this sport that some of my shoes are older than some of the lifters we have here at UF. I remember meeting JM Blakley at one of my first meets. He was there to sell his VHS (I told you I’m old). So let me give you some thoughts from a guy who’s been doing this for a long time.




Prince always knew that we could one day party like it’s 1999 and let me tell you we did. Inzer bench shirts and marathon deadlift suits are all we knew. Raw lifting was something that we did to prepare for putting our gear on. When I look back on it now the absurdity of it amazes me. Gear was too much, and lifters were too heavy. But, we did have some fun and I don’t regret any of it.


This brings me to yesterday when I was scrolling da gram. I saw JM Blakley came back into my life. He has a post reminding us that today is the youngest we will ever be for the rest of our lives. This one hit me and reminded me that I ain’t dead yet and I know I have some more fight and lifts still in me. So with that here is a short list to help me grow and have fun as you age.


  1. Don’t be a knucklehead (my dad always used this phrase as he didn’t swear).
  2. Try something new (you will only regret what you didn’t try).
  3. Risk it (nothing is guaranteed so roll the dice).
  4. Help the ‘others’ (look around the gym and see the lifters who is clueless? Give them a hand and help them find their way).
  5. Know that you don’t know (knowledge and wisdom are not the same thing).
  6. Read more diverse topics (we will get new ideas from outside of or bubble).
  7. Reach out to those you disagree with (our society needs this).


And remember we are all floating down the same river of life. Every time you make wake it affects everyone around you. So have some fun, rock some tunes, and try to respect the others floating around you.


Peace and Love,



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