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Lindsey’s February Training Log

posted on February 22, 2019

Since my last training log, I am SUPER excited to write that I’ve started lifting some weights again. To say it’s helped improve my mood and overall outlook on life is an understatement. I feel like myself again.

I’m not following any strict training program by any means. In fact, I really just go in (a little earlier than usual, and I’ve met so many members that are new to me, it’s been awesome) and do what sounds and feels good on that day. I have generally been splitting my workouts up between upper and lower body, doing around two exercises per muscle group in each workout. I try to have a day where I’m including more “athletic” movements, aka I’m jumping around a little more. It’s been fun, and I’m already seeing some positive body composition changes. Here are two workouts I’ve done recently that I’ve really enjoyed:

One of the activities that I mostly gave up when I was feeling particularly sick was yoga. Getting to class in the morning just wasn’t a possibility, so I let it go and just tried to attend one of our classes on the weekend. I’m trying to change that now, because I truly never feel better than when I’m practicing yoga regularly. I couldn’t start last week due to some medical testing, but this week already started out on the right foot with a really intense power flow at my local yoga studio.

With the addition of more yoga, and with continuing my fairly time-intensive cardio routine (turns out getting on the elliptical with a book and my favorite focus playlist is super cathartic), that means I’ll need to reevaluate my little lifting routine. Here’s a loose plan for how I’ll be balancing it all:

None of the cardio requires much exertion, so I pretty much use it as “active recovery,” aka it’s replacing all the walking I was doing before I got a driver’s license and a car. I’ll give this schedule a week or two, see if I’m recovering okay, then readjust if needed. It’s simple, but the focus right now is on feeling good. With all I have going on, I think this will do it.


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