Lindsey’s Full Day of Eating

posted on October 9, 2019

I’m just over 6 weeks from my next powerlifting meet and my first full marathon, so training is ramping up quickly. I’ve noticed I’m not recovering from workouts very well and I’ve lost a little weight, so priority #1 right now is increasing my food intake. This is difficult for me for a variety of reasons, but it needs to be done. I’ve started tracking what I’m eating again in an effort to hold myself accountable and keep an eye on my protein intake in particular.


Here’s a full day of eating on a Tuesday. Tuesday is a 12 hour day at the gym, which includes two workouts – my main squat day and an interval run. This particular Tuesday wasn’t too hard, squatting in the 80% range and the intervals were short and quick (half mile repeats vs full mile repeats which I’ll do next week, yikes).


6:00am – Wake up, 24oz water with a little bit of pink Himalayan sea salt (helps rehydrate)
6:45am – Start guzzling black coffee
8:00am – Get to work
8:30am – Breakfast

• 2 whole eggs, 95g egg whites (like 3 egg whites)
• 200g cooked jasmine rice
• Kerrygold butter deliciousness
• lots of salt

11:30am – Pre-training snack

• 1oz raw almonds
• Larabar (basically carbs)
• More coffee

1:00pm – Squat Workout
2:30pm – Between workout snack

• Vegan protein shake
• More coffee
• Small bag of hard pretzels
• Lots of salt

3:00pm – Interval Run
4:00pm – Lunch!

• 6oz grilled chicken thighs
• 1 large sweet potato
• Roasted eggplant, zucchini, squash, tomatoes

8:00pm – Head home!
9:00pm – Dinner

• 4oz pulled pork
• Lots of roasted green beans
• 300g smashed potatoes
• Kerrygold butter
• Sauerkraut, for gut health and tastiness

9:30pm – Dessert

• Most of an apple (I gave some of it to BB)
• 1 pear
• 1oz walnuts

10:30pm – Sleep


All told, this was over 2700 calories, 300g carbs/155g protein/108g fat.


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