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Spice Up Your Training

posted on March 30, 2023

I’ve recently been brainstorming new ways to keep my time in the gym and my training interesting. One of my current goals is to improve my exercise capacity (the maximum amount of physical exertion that a person can sustain) and be able to train harder and longer without quickly fatiguing. So, I’ve personally been thinking of ways to do this without becoming instantly bored. However, these are some generic ways that can also be applied to other goals and might even relate to your own personal goals:


  • Add variations to your typical routine – change up your resistance by substituting exercises using kettlebells, medicine balls, your own body weight, etc. Other variations might include increasing the number of sets and reps that you do, decreasing rest times in between sets, using paused or faster reps, etc. Check out a HIIT session a few times a week just to see what it’s like. Trying to do at least one thing different is a good way to start and maybe find a new exercise variation you enjoy.


  • Find a group fitness class to help inspire you to get to the gym and start moving. Sometimes training on your own just isn’t enough. Having that strong and supportive community is such a great way to increase motivation to come to the gym instead of dreading it. Check out one of our awesome group fitness classes here at UF. The first class is always on us, and we know you’ll love it! If classes aren’t your thing, finding a training partner and someone to help hold you accountable would also be beneficial.


  • Compete with yourself. Try to get to the gym one more day than you did last week. Hit that lift that didn’t feel so great last week and challenge yourself to make it better. Maybe spend a little extra time warming up/cooling down or add a little bit of cardio to your session.


  • Create a brand-new playlist. I was talking with April recently about what type of music that we listen to when we train, and the topic of becoming bored with listening to the same songs came up. Step away from your typical music taste and check out some new genres. It may take some time but creating a new playlist might get you hyped up for your next workout and help to keep it interesting.


  • Go outdoors and take a hike, find, and climb some stairs, ride a bike or anything that might get your heart rate up and endorphins running.


Please let me know if you have any other ideas to add to the list, or if you get to try any of them out! I am always looking for ways to stay motivated and have fun while in the gym.




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