Sweep the Sheds with CeJ

posted on March 31, 2021

Unioners, remember that you are never too “big” to do the “small” things.


The title of the blog “Sweep the Sheds” comes from a mantra of the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team.  The All Blacks are one of the most known and winning organizations in sport with a win percentage of over 75% (in the span of 100 years). The All Blacks leaders believe in humility, taking responsibility for their own actions, and leaving their entitlement at the door. After every victory, lose or practice the All Blacks stay back and clean up their locker room to make it look as good or better than it did before, even though it is not their specific job. This may seem like a small detail but an important attribute in building a team that works together and shows pride and respect for their organization.


Everyone gets a little more hyped up to do the right thing when people are watching and the lights are on but  true character can be shown when they don’t know people are watching. Leadership, community and basic good qualities can be built and are on display in our everyday actions. Every interaction can be a job interview as some old gray bush once told me.


So remember to tidy up after yourself, say hello to people you walk by, hold the door open for someone and be nice…until it’s time to not be nice (and that’s a blog for a different day).


Can anyone name that movie?





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