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posted on November 30, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season to all of you. This year I find it important to review what we are thankful for even more than ever. So here is my Top Ten list of things I am thankful for.


  1. Health and Family. Without my wife and child I couldn’t be who I am or do what I do. Everyday I remind myself that we have a wonderful family with good health.
  2. UF and each of you (members and employees). Without each of you, UF would and could not have success. Our employees have been rock stars during this strange year. Our members have been great as well. I thank you all for being vigilant and respecting each other in our facility.
  3. All the companies that supply UF with the best equipment for lifting. If you are not aware we use equipment from Eliftefts, Rogue, as well as Sorinex. Each of these companies have been great to deal with, and I am very thankful for these relationships.
  4. Books. I am an avid reader, and we have now started a mini library at UF. Come by and leave a book or take a book. All we ask is that you read more!
  5. Coffee and all of our awesome local coffee shops. CommonPlace, Adesso Cafe, and all the other coffee shops that keep blocking our adenosine receptor sites!
  6. Pittsburgh. Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to live in 7 different cities (and yes I’m being a yinzer here), but none are as welcoming and friendly as the people in this city. Our walking meetings through the Northside always remind me of why I love living here.
  7. Bike paths and our local parks. Having the ability to jump onto one of many bike paths in and around the city is amazing. Also, visiting the local parks is always a highlight of my week. Special shout out to Frick Park, Montour Woods, Sewickley Heights Park and North Park.
  8. Adversity. 2020 has been filled with adversity, but adversity is a time for growth. We all train by breaking down our muscles so they can grow back stronger. Let’s do the same for our minds and hearts. Overcome adversity, and let’s all come out of 2020 stronger, smarter, wiser, and more empathic.
  9. UF Classes. Classes are back, and I am thankful for the community that they create here at UF. We do all we can to ensure a clean and safe training environment for each class attendee and will continue to offer outdoor space for our members.
  10. Time. My father once said time is both infinite and finite at the same time. There is always more time, so in that sense it is infinite. However, all we have at any one time is the present, so it is finite in that sense. Don’t waste time. Invest and spend time wisely. Train, read, and rest. Investing your time wisely into these three things will always be wise.


Let’s take on December with eyes wide open and ready to deal with the challenges before us.



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