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UF Eats March: Casey’s lunch

posted on March 6, 2019

UF Eats

By Casey Williams

We’re bringing you a new blog for Wednesdays- UF Eats! We sat around as a staff and thought ‘what do we do everyday that could help our members’ and we came up with one thing- WE EAT! And we love eating. So the goal of this blog is to let you in on any secrets we may be keeping- what we eat, why we eat it, when we eat it, how we prepare it, what we like about…the list is endless.

In an effort to lead from the front, I’ll kick this series off. Interestingly enough, I was sick recently and my mom made me stew. It’s kick ass because my mom grew up on a farm and cooks like it. I’m lucky to say the least- I grew up with home cooked meals everyday of my life- and who doesn’t love their mother’s cooking?

My diet at the moment is not particular or restrictive in too many ways. I’m eating a heavier balance of proteins and fats with some carbs thrown in as I crave them, but at a much lower percentage than I have eaten in the past.

I’m also fasting about 15 hours per day, with a 9 hour feeding window. I wake up around 730am, have a big glass of water with lemon, then have a cup of coffee. Around 11am I head to the gym and have two more cups of coffee (with 2 tablespoons of unsalted, grass fed butter whipped up in it) for my commute. This is the point that breaks my fast.

Then lunch! So my mom’s stew consisted of chuck roast, carrots, and potatoes. All slow cooked and delicious.

Another meal around 4pm. And potentially a snack when I get home from the gym. Once I have my last meal, I start my clock and don’t eat for the next 14+ hours, with the goal usually being 15-16 hours.

I’ll check back in a month and let you know what else is on the menu and how the intermittent fasting is going!


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