Yoga: Your Friday Detox

Posted on July 28, 2017

Yoga: Your Friday Detox
Feeling like you need a long break after this week? Yoga is the secret to a great Friday detox routine. Many have discovered this, but have you?

Over 5,000 years ago, yoga was developed by the Indus-Sarasvati culture. The original purpose of this practice was to develop a habit of meditating. This way people could create physical strength and stamina that allowed the mind to remain calm in many situations. This powerful method of relaxation is what led to what we use today to exercise the body. The history of yoga makes it more than a meditation outlet. It makes it a way of releasing tension not only from our bodies but also from our spiritual lives.

However, the great thing about yoga is that if you are not into the spiritual benefits of it, there is a long list of benefits that can help your overall health and performance.

One of this benefits is improving your flexibility. Flexibility is extremely important because it lowers the chance of injuries and increases physical performance. Stretching can also increase the blood flow in the body and overall nutrients absorbed by your muscles. This type of coordination can improve reaction times, memory and IQ scores. This is due to the action of clearing your mind during a long period.

Through the different yoga motions and sequences, your heart rate tends to increase. This type of reaction is beneficial to your endurance and resting heart rate. As your body adjusts to the movements, these workouts can increase muscle strength on your back. This is important to ensure that you maintain good posture during your workout, especially when lifting heavy weights.

Other studies made by the University of Wisconsin have shown that the prefrontal cortex showed more activity during a yoga session, which can lead to a better mood. These types of reactions your body has can also help you sleep, which leads to being less tiered and stressed.

Now that you know what yoga can do for you, don’t miss out on all the benefits this practice has to offer not only for your physical endurance but also for a better healthy lifestyle.

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