Meal of the Week

posted on March 27, 2019

By Ryan McUmber:

The food that I eat is nothing exciting. I primarily use the old rule of 80 percent of my calories are healthy foods such as lean meats, quality plant based carbohydrates, and green cruciferous vegetables. The other 20 percent of my calories are foods that I enjoy. This can be some chips or these s’more cookies that I might be officially addicted to. Since I am trying to gain some weight I will let the numbers slide just a little bit to about 70% healthy foods and 30% not so healthy foods especially if I have those cookies.

But I don’t want to do this all the time. Mostly for the goal to keep my gut healthy. I know that eating a poor diet is not the best for physical appearance but more importantly it can affect my overall gut health.

With that being said, I have two favorite meals that I cycle through. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for my next food blog to find out what the other one is.

The first one is sweet potato and steak. I know this is one of the more boring healthy meals but it does offer a lot of extremely valuable nutrition. The steak offers Iron, which most people are not getting enough of, especially women, as well B-12 vitamins. The sweet potato offers a fair amount of vitamin A to keep my immune system healthy. I also consume the skin of the potato which some people find disgusting but it offers extra fiber to aid in healthy digestion.

You might find this meal ‘boring,’ but eating it knowing that you’re fueling your body and aiding in recovery, digestion, and long term health can make the basics much more appealing.


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