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5 Reasons to Use a Personal Trainer

posted on January 20, 2022

If you’re reading this then it’s safe to assume you actively engage in regular exercise at the gym or you would like to start. People use the gym for so many different purposes. There are hundreds of ways to train and lift that it may feel overwhelming sometimes. The fitness industry has become a deep sea of downloadable workout plans, exercise supersets from TikTok, and countless number of YouTube videos entitled, “Do these 10 exercises in the gym.” So where does one start? If you are new to lifting or even have a little bit of experience, I believe talking with a personal trainer is a great first step. Below, I will list 5 reasons why a personal trainer is beneficial to those just starting out and those who are getting ready to play in the NFL.



A personal trainer is more than just someone who counts your reps. They are someone that genuinely cares about your growth. By working with a personal trainer you have a built-in accountability partner which will make the choice of going to the gym or staying home a little bit easier. When there is someone that we don’t want to let down, we are more likely to show up when it matters. If you struggle sticking to a routine and need someone to hold you accountable, get a personal trainer.



 Most good personal trainers take into consideration many factors when working with a client. What goals you have, your exercise experience and what you are capable of all play a major role in how an exercise program is designed. So, a personal trainer is there to take these aspects into consideration and use them, along with their education, to create a plan that’s right for you.



A personal trainer knows when and how to safely push a client to the next level. When working out solo you may not have that same energy and internal motivation to go one more rep or hold that plank for the full amount of time. Along with motivation in the gym, a trainer may provide you with tips and advice for outside the gym that can help you get through those difficult situations in your life.


Niche Specialties

The great thing about the fitness industry is the opportunity to train any way you would like. Whether that be for pure aesthetics or for functionality, the gym is open to anyone. Sometimes though you may have limitations or a certain exercise may seem too difficult and you don’t know where to begin.


 Personal trainers have many certifications that they can specialize in and use to train niche clientele. So if you are someone that wants to learn how to powerlift, you can find a trainer who specializes in powerlifting and they can help you step into who you want to be.


Safe Exercise

With the amount of information online, it may be tempting to try something new in the gym. Although the exercise may seem pretty straight forward there are many things that can go wrong. This can lead to the number one thing most people try to avoid in the gym: Injury. An injury in the gym means a set back on the path to pursuing your goals. A personal trainer will provide guidance and proper tips for each exercise and will ensure that you are safely completing each rep of every set. They will help prevent injury and make sure those setbacks are few and far between.


If you are interested in personal training or would like more information about how a personal trainer can help you, call or ask a staff member next time you are in the gym.


Best Wishes,


Dylan Kopp


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