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Alexa’s August Training Log

posted on September 6, 2019

What is in my training program like as of late? Full body. Hypertrophy. Strength. Movement. I will be the first to tell you that full-body was a difficult transition for me. Just realizing that I am not going to fall apart from not isolating certain groups was a hurdle. And by “fall apart” I mean both physically and mentally. The flowing thoughts? Am I going to provide enough stimulus per session to grow? Is it going to be effective? Will I see results? I am not going to train a muscle group to pure exhaustion…what?


I would never advocate for a client to train to fatigue. Sure, in certain scenarios we want to push until we have very little left. We can’t sandbag EVERY lift. If we didn’t have those moments of training to a very close failure (difficult to actually do because mental fatigue sets in quicker than physical), but how do we know what it feels like to dig in those deep, jaw clenching, throw up moments? But those moments must be planned out strategically. We don’t want it to interfere with recovery, and most importantly training to our optimal potential, the following days to come. My training lately has been just enough to where I can come back the next day and give it my all. I feel great after each session because I hit every part of my body. Every muscle has moved in some capacity, blood moved through, stimulus was placed, and most importantly I feel strong mentally.


Here is one of my full body days:

A1. High Incline Press 3×6

A2. Ring Row Tricep Ext. 3×15

B1. Landmine Towel Rows 3×8

B2. Landmine Angled Reverse Lunge 3×12(per)

C1. Cable Lat Pulldowns 3×8

C2. Cable Triceps Pushdowns 3×10

D1. Belt Squats [w/o holding] 3×15

D2. Cossack Squats 3×10


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