Alexa’s Training Log

posted on January 24, 2019

I recently changed my training from a hypertrophy based to a Triphasic/hypertrophy program. Alison wrote the program, and I said let me go through this madness with you. My prevailing goal thus far in 2019 has been muscle growth while keeping my main lifts strength based.

Anticipating this one because I have not been through a Triphasic and I get jazzed up about new approaches and working towards muscle growth. So, the philosophy behind the Triphasic program coupled with my personal spin on the areas I want to focus on in the hypertrophic assistance work makes for a happy Alexa.

We just ended our third week. The first 2 weeks were eccentrics. The third and fourth are isometric/pause. The last two are concentric/explosive.

Here is what we did for our last day of eccentrics:

5 count eccentric deadlift @ 70% – 4×5
Eccentric rear foot elevated split squat – 4x6per.
Eccentric hip thrusts – 4×5
1a. GHR back raises w. 25# plate 4×8
1b. Glute bridges – 4×20
2a. Banded kick backs – 3×20
2b. Fire hydrants – 3×20
2c. Table top glute kick ups – 3×20
Conditioning – Tabata KB swings

Below is a video of the 5-count eccentric deadlift:


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