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Alison’s June Training Log

posted on June 7, 2019

Training Log: June 

I just finished up a 4-week cycle of circuit training.   Since I am not training for anything specifically, I have the ability to play around with my programming.  Toying around with programming is fun for me because A: it keeps my need for constant variety satisfied and B: it fuels ideas for UF classes. Here are my advantages (and one disadvantage) for this style of training. 



  • Timed rest

This worked so well for me.  I previously found myself falling off towards the end of my sessions so the timed intervals helped me stay focused for the duration of my training session.  It also helped me from getting distracted in between sets, as I tend to talk too much, break out in dance sessions and do silly/ridiculous/probably unsafe things with my training partner. 

  • More bang for my buck 

I could jam pack tons of movements and exercises into a short amount of time. Most days I can only fit in an hour workout into my day so this style is great for getting that feel good pump and accomplished feeling.

  • Two birds, one stone

Since the rest is short, there is a cardio aspect to this style of training.  Since my metabolic training these days basically consists of what I call “treadmill desk”, I’ll take the cardio anywhere I can get it. 

  • Improved body composition

Part of this is due to my nutrition, as I’m currently in a (purposeful) caloric deficit but I am down almost 5lbs since starting this cycle. I feel leaner, with minimal strength loss. 


  • Less ability to progressively overload

By sets 3 and 4, I am feeling pretty fatigued and instead of being able to increase weight, I find myself stalling out.  Less progressive overload means less strength gains, so I am planning my next cycle around fixing this issue. 

Here is the 4-week program I followed.  AM #powerful classes got a little taste of the circuits during their deload week last cycle.  If you try this out yourself, find a weight that is challenging but manageable for 8+ reps during the circuit.  Set up the clock to count the intervals & rest periods (don’t know how to set the clock? Ask me, I’ll show ya!) If it is a single sided exercise, make sure to perform the work intervals per side. Have fun! 


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Incline Bench 4×8-10 4×8-10 4×8-10 4×8-10
A1. Floor Press :30/:30 x 3 sets :35/:25 x 3 sets :30/:30 x 4 sets :35/:25 x 4 sets
A2. Tricep ext
A3. Seated FB shoulder press
A4. FB Lat Pullover
B1. Cable Facepulls
B2. Cable Biceps Curls
B3. Inverted Rows
B4. Bench Dips
AB Finisher
Squat 4×10 4×10 4×8 4×8
A1. Bulgarian SS :30/:30 x 3 sets :35/:25 x 3 sets :30/:30 x 4 sets :35/:25 x 4 sets
A2. Step up
A3. Standing windmills
B1. Heel elevated close stance goblet sq. :30/:30 x 3 sets :35/:25 x 3 sets :30/:30 x 4 sets :35/:25 x 4 sets
B2. Back ext. glute focus
B3. Cable Pull Throughs
Leg Finisher: Park loop lunge
Standing OHP 4×10 4×10 4×8 4×8
A1. Lean away cable lateral raise :30/:30 x 3 sets :35/:25 x 3 sets :30/:30 x 4 sets :35/:25 x 4 sets
A2. Seated KB Curls
A3. Cable Rope OH Tri Ext.
A4. Banded Pulls Ups
B1. EZ Bar Upright Row :30/:30 x 3 sets :35/:25 x 3 sets :30/:30 x 4 sets :35/:25 x 4 sets
B2. Reverse pec deck
B3. Chest Supported High Incline FB Rows
B4. Incline Lateral Raise Hold
AB Finisher
Deadlift 4×8 4×8 4×6 4×6
A1. Staggered Stance RDL’s :30/:30 x 3 sets :35/:25 x 3 sets :30/:30 x 4 sets :35/:25 x 4 sets
A2. Stallion Squats
A3. GHR’s
A4. Calves on Leg Press
B1. Leg Press :30/:30 x 3 sets :35/:25 x 3 sets :30/:30 x 4 sets :35/:25 x 4 sets
B2. Wide Grip Cable Row
B3. Cable Standing Leg Curl
B4. FB SA Rows
AB Finisher


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