Meal of the Week- Ryan’s Go-To Restaurant

posted on June 5, 2019

Meal of the week, Ryan McUmber


I try not to eat out often. This usually leads to a mystery of what you are actually eating. Unfortunately many restaurants usually use a variety of unhealthy ingredients, that are far more cheaper for them to use. 


For this reason I have a list of places around the city that I can trust to know that simple ingredients are going into my stomach. Today I chose  Federal Galley’s new taco place- Guapo! The original taco place, El Lugar,   will be moving to their own place, which is unfortunate for me but great for them. I guess I’ll just have to drive to go see them now. Guapo was great though!  Each taco has ingredients that you can clearly pronounce or even buy at your local farmers market.


Now I have some rules that come to restaurants on my list. One I already listed was I want know what the ingredients and that I clearly know that they can get from the farmer without any or much processing as possible. Second the vegetables need to look happy. For example if I get salad that looks sad, then I probably won’t be going back. Third, they need to be relatively quick. Quality should be first, always, but this list is made of restaurants that I go to in a pinch- so speed is essential too.


Of course these places are hard to find and/or more expensive but when it comes to putting nutrients in your body, it’s definitely worth it. So I recommend building your list, that way when you are on the run you can still stick to your goals of building a well-oiled machine. 


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