Alison’s Training Log

posted on November 2, 2018

Training Log: October


Just when I think I’m getting into the swing of things, life happens. Then it happens some more. Last week I was hit with a pretty bad case of mastitis, which is a clogged milk duct that gets infected. Rather suddenly I was overcome with massive flu like symptoms: fever, chills, all over body aches, dizziness, headache along with a lemon sized lump and decreased milk supply. All around, not good. Lately, I’ve been trying to approach my own training through the eyes of what I would tell my clients in the same situation. Coach Alison would have insisted upon a training hiatus in order to clear the infection and allow the body to heal. And just like most of my clients, I listened but not without some whining/lamenting/cursing before begrudgingly taking a week off.


So I’m back at it this week, right where I left off: Squats, squats and more squats with a sprinkle of booty. Five months postpartum is still pretty early to be asking my body to return to pre-pregnancy state, so I’ve been focusing on form, building my core and identifying my weaknesses. Because of the C-section, I’ve been finding it difficult to maintain tightness in my core during my squats. Filming my sets enables me see how and where I’m failing to stay tight so I can attempt to fix these areas through a variety of assistance work and drills and the most important/frustrating thing: Time.


Ryan also graciously wrote me a booty program. Beyond aesthetics of having a firm tush, I’m trying to recruit more glute activation and drive in my training. Lack of glute drive has always been a weakness of mine (pre and post pregnancy) so there’s no time like the present to fix it! Today’s workout:


Warm up to encourage healing of abdominal diastasis:
3 rounds:
:20 Wall Sit
Glute Bridge x 15
Side Plank x :15per
Down Dog x 5 breaths
Plank x :20
Buddha Squat x :30


Week 5 of my Squat Program:
Front Squat/ Back Squat 6x 3/6 @ 85%



Big Booty Alison Program:
Heavy Belt Squat 4×8
Banded Paused Goblet Squat 4×8
FB Swing 4×12
Squat Pulses 4x 15
Banded Glute Kickbacks 4×20


3 Rounds:
Heel slides x 20
Heel touches x 20


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