Ryan’s Training Log

posted on October 31, 2018

Training log:


Meet is coming November 17th but my back has been giving me more trouble than usual. Most of the time it is just a moderate amount of tightness but after a solid warm up the tightness fades away. A while back I pulled 495 which my back did not enjoy as much as I did.


Besides the physical discomfort and having to adjust more training sessions than I like, the mental aspect is probably the most challenging. One day when deadlifts were feeling like absolute garbage I talked to a fellow member at the gym, who just recovered from a more serious injury than I have, about how to not get discouraged from an injury. He responded (paraphrasing) “You can’t go down the spiral of what you can’t do. Focus on the rehab and what you can do”.


So that’s what I am doing. Luckily I am surrounded by experienced lifters here who have been handing me all the info on their past back injuries. Which has definitely made a significant change in my back.




OH Press 145 3×3
Pull-ups 4×8
FB Incline press 3×15
Bodyweight BB tri extension 4×12
Lateral raises 3×20
Side planks 2x :30 sec each


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