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Being prepared for your first meet.

posted on March 2, 2020

We are hosting our fundraiser push pull on March 15th and with this we have many first time lifters asking a multitude of good questions. I want to share with you some tips about what to expect, and what to do heading into your first meet.



  1. Be on time! Many meets have strict weigh in times and if you miss it then you are out of the meet. This is also when you will set your openers.
  2. Pay attention at the rules clinic! I have seen too many lifters miss a lift in which they completed the repetition. This happens when the athlete hasn’t listened to the judge and rules.
  3. Know which flight you are lifting in. This will dictate when you begin your warm ups. 
  4. Have someone update you on how quickly the lifting is moving. This will change how quickly you move your warm ups. 
  5. When you step to the platform be prepared for your lift. This seems simple yet everyone around you is there to help you perform your best. Don’t worry about the weight, that is the loaders job. Worry about the lift and only the lift.
  6. Know what your next attempts will be, and watch your lifts to know if it is time to adjust for your next attempt.
  7. Final point is to make it fun and be prepared. Pack your bag the night before with food, drinks and extra clothes. The day of the meet should be all about the lifts.


These 7 points should be enough to get you through the day. There are a few other things about the sport itself that I would be remiss if I did not mention. You get three attempts on each lift and you cannot decrease the weight after any attempt. So if you miss your opener you are stuck with that weight or more weight for your second and third attempts. Also, you get one minute from the time the bar is loaded to when you lift the bar. I have seen lifters lose track of time and miss the lift.



Remember, that at the end of the day the weight on the bar is irrelevant, the experience is what matters. 


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