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Benefits of a Morning Workout, UF Edition

posted on August 7, 2017

Getting up before the sun is hard. I get it! Every morning when my alarm goes off at 4:15am, I briefly want to smash it dramatically into the wall and crawl right back into my warm, cozy bed. And, as if waking up in and of itself wasn’t hard enough, actually garnering the energy to workout is even harder. So, why should you?


Look, I know you can perform a google search and have a million-different people give you a million different reasons why it’s good for you like boosted metabolism, improved productivity, improved focus, fewer scheduling conflicts, lower blood pressure, decreased stress, etc, etc. (For real, there are a TON of benefits!)


Yes, all of those things are benefits and are totally important. But I’m here to share with you my definitive list of reasons why you should get out of bed in the morning and get your booty to Union Fitness.


1. The most important benefit of a morning workout is, of course, getting to see my smiling face first thing.

I’m armed with a pot of fresh coffee and I know how to use it.


2. Fatbells, Barbells & Yoga, oh my!
Our morning classes here start at 6:30am. Whether it’s fatbells, barbells, yoga or spin, pick your poison and reap the benefits (see above) all day long.

3. Less laundry at home.
Our shower & towel service here at the gym means less towels to wash at home. As much as we all know doing laundry is so much fun, something tells us that you’ll love saving all that time for something else more important like, uh, burpees!


4. No rush hour traffic.
It’s no secret that Pittsburgh rush hour traffic is pretty brutal. Forget the honking horns & the slow crawl towards the city. When you get to the gym early, the days of a long, torturous commute are over. Just like all that laundry, we’re sure you won’t miss this either!


5. Make some new friends!
There’s something special in the morning air at UF. Maybe it’s the fact that no one had to sit in traffic to get here but we really do have quite the amazing, friendly & welcoming group of morning gym goers. We’ve seen people who were strangers previously become training partners and there’s nothing more beautiful than a gym friendship.


6. Getting to see me in the mornings.
Oh wait, this was already discussed. It’s so important though, it warrants being said twice.


Alright, alright so it turns out there are mmmmmaybe more benefits to a morning workout than just seeing me. That increased productivity benefit may mean that you’re more successful at work or more present at home in the evenings with your family. Your boosted metabolism may mean that you’re hitting your goals faster or making healthier choices throughout the day. Lower blood pressure and decreased stress are some pretty fine benefits too. So yeah, this particular list may have ended up being just some added perks but there’s nothing wrong with a couple perks! See you bright and early soon! I’ll be armed with a coffee and a smile just for you.


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