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Benefits of Adding Throws Into Your Workout

posted on March 24, 2022

Toss it, throw it, sometimes you just gotta send it.


Today we are going to promote adding throws into your training. If you’re a powerlifter, athlete, weekend warrior or someone just looking to add spicy variety and new challenges into your workout, throws are a great add in.


The beauty of throws, is most anyone can do them because we can use various weights, implements and sizes of equipment. You can get a full body workout in with throws all while working coordination, balance, proprioception (awareness of your own body in space) explosiveness, the ability to brace, work capacity and overall muscular strength and endurance.


Currently, we implement throws into almost every training day with the athletes we work with at Union. Some throws are low impact throws that we use to work balance, coordination, catching and injury prevention such as a single leg partner chest pass. Other variations we use are to work on force production, explosive power and strength , an example of this would be our Snap Down to Granny Throw where the goal is to send it flying for height and distance.


Our most popular implement to throw is the medicine ball just for its versatility, but we have used sandbags, kegs and don’t forget the old fashioned frisbee.


Here is a fun sample medicine ball throw workout to give a try if you’re tossing the idea around in your head (see what I did there).


  1. MB Slams x 8
  2. MB Rotational Throws to Wall x 8each
  3. MB Wall Ball x 8
  4. MB Chops x 8each
  5. MB Broad Jump to Press & Chase x 8
  6. MB Granny Toss for Distance x 8

Try these exercises in a circuit for 3-5 sets or however many sets you are ready for while you take your rest as needed. Or just stop down to Union and we can throw it around in #Powerful and our other awesome classes. We’d love to have some fun and train with you.


Hope you give throws a try and remember, when in doubt, you just gotta send it!





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