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Beware the Ides of March Madness

posted on March 14, 2022

A strange thing has been happening in UF. Our daily attendance increased from January to February. In the fitness industry it is an unwritten rule that growth happens in January, and then drops off for the next few months. It is human nature to get excited about anything new. A new year, a new workout routine, a new gym etc.. The key is to keep moving when the new and shiny become the mundane, and daily routine.


March is the most important month of the year. As we experienced this weekend March can do whatever she wants and we are powerless to stop her. March can snow 8 inches, be 70 degrees, and even entice us with her green beer. The reason I see March as the most important month is it’s our last chance to really commit to a healthy and strong summer. You may have spent the previous two months training hard, or you may have fallen off throughout the new year. No matter what happened in the past two months, if you wish to be a better you for the summer, March is the time. Here are a few ways that you can stay on point to reach your summer goals.


  1. Math! Alwyn Cosgrove used to list out what percent of the year was gone in each of his newsletter. So remember at the end of March you will be 25% of the way done with this year. Are you 25% of the way towards your goals.
  2. Set some goals around current events. March Madness is a great chance to either be better or drink too much and eat garbage food. Instead of falling off during March Madness fill out a bracket with exercises. Make each game a bet with yourself. If team  A. wins then run a mile, if team B. wins then do 100 push ups. Make each game a different bet and have fun with March Madness.
  3. Et Tu Brute? Beware the ides of March. Also, beware the friends who truly want the best for you, yet will push you to bad decisions. We all have our own el guapo, make sure you are stronger than your el guapo (go watch the three amigos if you don’t get that reference).
  4. Schedule your summer event. It doesn’t matter if you have a vacation or a meet. Just make sure you schedule something, anything. Count the weeks and work backwards to schedule your goals.
  5. Enjoy the nice days (when we have them), and get out of the gym. Vitamin D is free so go get it when the sun is shining.


I hope this list keeps you on track and helps you reach new goals.




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