Meal of the Week -Casey

Posted on May 22, 2019

For context:   I haven’t been training with any consistency.  I am using intermittent fasting for two reasons Convenience- it’s nice to put off that first meal until the afternoon Auto-immune support- this style of eating has been shown to help those with AI diseases I have shoulder surgery scheduled for next week My primary … Continue reading Meal of the Week -Casey


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Fasting, is it for everyone?

Posted on May 20, 2019

Fasting, is it for Everyone?   Fasting. The buzziest word of 2017, 2018, 2019, and probably for a few more years.  Or maybe it is just on my mind. You know when you are buying a car and you want a yellow car- then you start to see yellow cars everywhere. It’s not the influx … Continue reading Fasting, is it for everyone?


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May Training Log- Alexa

Posted on May 17, 2019

May 17th, 2019 Alexa’s Training Log   Hi, it’s me again. My training has changed and here is why. I was preparing for my very first powerlifting meet on June 1st at Union Fitness. This is no longer happening. I was going through the motions, week after week and training was becoming a chore. I … Continue reading May Training Log- Alexa


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Meal of the Week- Alison’s Breakfast

Posted on May 15, 2019

Alison’s Breakfast   Stuck in a breakfast rut, I decided to swap out the usual breakfast oats for a little egg cup action. Healthy and super easy to make = two birds, one cup! What I love about these protein packed babies is that they are completely customizable for your changing needs or tastes. In … Continue reading Meal of the Week- Alison’s Breakfast


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Supportive Lifting Gear- is it for you?

Posted on May 13, 2019

If you’ve been in the Strength Lab, then you’ve seen some of our members using supportive lifting gear. I recognize that a standard commercial gym, like an LA Fitness or Gold’s Gym, (or other fitness place) may not be as open or accustomed to group weight training.  So if these items are unfamiliar to you, … Continue reading Supportive Lifting Gear- is it for you?


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Lindsey’s May Training Log

Posted on May 10, 2019

It’s finally spring, which means I’m running again!   I honestly couldn’t be happier that: The weather is finally nice enough for a fair-weather runner like me My knees and hips are holding up despite my injury history (soccer, bad lifting when I first started) I was getting some yoga classes in over the winter, … Continue reading Lindsey’s May Training Log


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Lindsey’s May Food Log

Posted on May 8, 2019

Let me start out by saying that yes, I realize this meal is seasonally inappropriate. I run cold for some reason so when it dropped down to the 50s Sunday evening, I took full advantage and made myself a stew. I’ve been traveling a lot recently, so haven’t had a ton of time for meal … Continue reading Lindsey’s May Food Log


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Why Do We Wait Until Monday?

Posted on May 6, 2019

It can be easy to fall into the fitness all-or-nothing trap. It’s either you go hard every single moment at the gym or it’s not worth going at all. It’s either you track and measure every gram of food that goes into your mouth or you splurge for the 30 count Chik-Fil-A nuggets. Then when … Continue reading Why Do We Wait Until Monday?


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May Training Log- Alison

Posted on May 3, 2019

Training Log: May   There’s no “real”, so to speak, training going on right now. There’s no meet in the future that I’m preparing for, no special fitness goals I’m trying to accomplish and no set program that I’m following. My training lately has been whatever feels good.   But I am just a few … Continue reading May Training Log- Alison


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Meal of the Week – Ryan’s Breakfast

Posted on May 1, 2019

I love breakfast, in all forms, for any meal of the day. I love pancakes, waffles, and French toast. Unfortunately I don’t eat those foods every day. I know that there are healthy ways to make these meals, and if you have a solid recipe send it my way but for now every morning I … Continue reading Meal of the Week – Ryan’s Breakfast


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