Casey’s Training Log – December

posted on December 20, 2018

Training has been headed in the right direction as a whole. However, a resurgence of health issues is taking center stage at the moment.

To put it plainly, I’ve been feeling like garbage lately- a little more so than usual. I  haven’t been able to maintain bodyweight which is usually a sign of some underlying issues for me.

I had a blood test done- Prometheus ADA- which checks the level of Humira in my blood stream, along with any possible antibodies that my immune system would have created to fight the Humira (my body seeing it as an invader). I had this $1500 test done before when I was feeling sick and it came back that my antibodies were high, rendering the Humira ineffective. So we added Methotrexate and it helped balance everything out. Then I came off of the methotrexate as planned, and the Humira was effective for some time- up until now.
Seeing that this same issue has popped up, it’s likely time to switch drug ‘families’. A little scary if you’ve ever been in this position, but what else can I do? Go on feeling like shit?…I’ve never been one to settle for “OK.”
My doctor is leaning toward Remicaid or Entivyo. Both have successful track records in putting Ulcerative Colitis into remission. So the plan of attack is as follows from now through January…
1) Friday I have a doctor’s appointment with a liver specialist.
2) Mid-January I have a colonoscopy. Fun!!
3) Then my doctor will assess the health of my colon and we’ll decide which drug to switch to.
In the meantime I’ll be training the best I can and keeping my fingers crossed.

Box jumps- 36” for 8 sets:

Deadlifts- speed work- 585×1 for 5 sets:

Squats- Cambered bar 565×5:


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