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Current You Vs Future You

posted on July 20, 2021

One of my all time favorite podcasts is, Hidden Brain Podcast(HB). HB’s host is Shankar Vedentam. Shankar has a degree in electrical engineering and a masters in journalism from Stanford. He has also written books, plays, as well as numerous articles. You may ask, but what does this have to do with health and fitness? Great question.


Big Data.


One area Shankar has done a ton of research into (and has discussed on this podcast) is big data. What he found is if one can grab a ton of aggregate data and break it down we can find many issues in society. Everything from what we google to how we spend our time. What I see here is input vs. output. Shankar looks at what we input daily. This could be in our minds or our bodies. This will lead you to become future you.


Input, Current You to Future You.


Last week on HB Shankar discussed the battle between current you and future you. A great example is a bowl of ice cream. Current you wants it, future you won’t get it but will deal with your decision. Future you won’t taste the ice cream but will store the extra calories and have a little less money because of the decision you made in that moment. Now that’s consider this on a more positive note. We all want to be stronger and fitter. So current you must create a stressor great enough that an adaptation will occur that will only be noticed to future you.


What input are you going to use with your body today? What training, diet, and educational input will lead to a better future you? The beauty in all of this is we do not know with 100% accuracy how this will all work out. Current you could do everything correct and future you may suffer due to issues outside of your control. This is why we can only concentrate on the input not the output. We everyday are gambling with our training, education, and life. So take the safe bet for future you, train hard, eat better, and read more. And when the day is over show gratitude to those who supported future you and your process.



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