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Does the Weather Control You?

posted on April 6, 2021

If you are reading this then odds are you live in Pittsburgh and know much about clouds and grey skies. We all know that Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing and affects many of us in this region with long dark winters. No matter how much you try to not allow the weather to affect you, it does. This is basic science, long dark days are not great for your health.


Now we are in spring time and the sun is back above our heads, the clouds are clearing and we are beginning to see the pandemic coming to a close. This is the time for consistency from you. Today will be sunny, warm, and the perfect day to train. Get outside, get into the gym, sweat, bike, run, walk, hike, just do something. These are the easy days to use the weather to motivate us. I commend you for doing this. I also now ask you to not rely on daily motivation, rely on your discipline to create consistency.


As I type this I can see one of our hardest working members jogging slowly on the treadmill. Jessie Theisen committed to doing a show over a year ago. The pandemic hit and she saw a huge hurdle before her. She did not allow that hurdle to slow her down. She decided to jump over it and keep on running. This is consistency at it’s best.


Now back to the weather. A strange thing happens anytime it rains, less people attend our classes on these poor weather days. I now ask you, if you want to reach your goals are you going to allow the weather to control your decisions? Too often we look outside and see the rain, and this is just the excuse we need for not coming to the gym. Let’s all help each other and support one another so that we can overcome this and help hold one another to a new standard of consistency.


Now with today’s perfect weather go do your conditioning outside. Skip the gym today, get your vitamin D.


Trying to be your sunshine on rainy days.


Hamer with support by Matt Grayson.



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