February- Casey’s Training Log

posted on February 1, 2019

I’m in a bit of an undesirable situation in terms of training, but sometimes that’s just how it goes. You play the hand you’re dealt, so to speak.

I saw the doctor for an update on my rotator cuff. He scheduled an ultrasound just to be sure that the tear isn’t worse than we thought. As it stands, my infraspinatus is partially torn. Rehab with Mike Allen from Precision PT has helped- my strength and stability have increased. Typically that means that I’ll be able to bounce back in time.

Also this week I got a liver biopsy. That was far from the coolest experience of my life. I wrote about it on my EliteFTS log if you’re interested in needles and vital organs.

The short of it- I’ve been on Humira for two years and it’s affecting my liver. I need to switch medication, but in order to make a sound decision, it was best (although not necessary) to have a liver biopsy. I opted for them to take a piece of my liver. I’m a giving individual.

The other piece of that is I fall into the lucky category of those that produce antibodies to medication. What this means, in a nutshell, is my immune system is a drunk puncher, swinging at anything in it’s vicinity. Namely my colon and medications designed to stop it from attacking my colon. So I need to be treated with dual therapy- a medication to prevent my immune system from attacking my colon, and another medication to lower my immune system’s overall response (an immunosuppressant). So if you have a cold, kindly stay away from me.

As a result, my training is non existent. But LOOK, A SHOULDER WARM UP!



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