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The USPA Burgh Bash – January 19, 2019

posted on February 4, 2019

The weekend of the monumental snowstorm that never came to be, five of our members competed at the USPA Burgh Bash in the South Hills. And about 20 of our other members were there to support them.

Everyone had some highlights, with four of the five having PR (Personal Record) totals. Sorry Zach!

The breakdown:

Lindsey has coached Robyn since the inception of her powerlifting endeavor. Unfortunately, that weekend, Lindsey was sick. So Robyn was on her own- but not completely. Our whole crew was there to help her! And she hit a PR total despite being completely out of her comfort zone “sans coach.” And this is just part of the process in powerlifitng- learning to be on your own and make your own decisions. Robyn took a light deadlift on her third attempt and I know she was kicking herself a bit for not going heavier- but it will be there and more next time.

Catlyn wrote her own blog entry about her experience, so keep your eyes out for that one. To sum it up, she hit a PR total despite some injuries leading up to this meet. Perseverance!

Nate aka Marshall’s dad
Nate was a father-to-be going into this meet, but on February 1, it became official – Congrats Nate and Casey!! Nate hit a PR total despite going 1/3 on his deadlift. I know he’d like to have that one back, but if he even replicates his last performance and increases his work capacity, he’s going to add another 30lbs or so to his PR total.

Zach aka Big Z
Out of everyone that competed, Zach had the best meet prep…followed by the worst performance. And sometimes it just happens that way, despite doing everything correctly. He struggled with depth on his squats which set the table for an uphill battle the rest of the day. The good – he hit his first 400lb bench. Big Z has a bright future ahead of him and a meet like this only fuels the fire for the next one.

Stew aka Sundaystew
If you don’t know Stew, he’s the jacked bald guy that is always training outside with his shirt off in subzero weather. Stew is by far one of the nuttiest guys I’ve ever met in the sport, but also one of the sweetest. Stew hit a PR total and got out of his comfort zone with some bigger weight jumps between attempts than he’s used to. Stew is new to the sport as well, and despite being ‘the old guy,’ he’s got a lot of potential in him. A 1500lb+ total is only the beginning!!

Squat Bench Deadlift Total
Robyn Greer 154.3 93.7 253.5 501.5
Catlyn Brooke 209.4 159.8 231.5 600.8
Nate Lester 622.8 407.9 694.4 1725.1
Zach Zidian 644.8 402.3 711 1758.2
Stew Snyder 551.2 341.7 611.8 1504.6

By Casey Williams


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