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February Training Log: Ryan

posted on February 8, 2019

Training log:


This week I chose to bench with my feet up. This variation gives my back a little relief as well as works on my pecs more than regular bench. I always choose to go with the football bar when benching with my feet up because it allows me to use more of my lats to stabilize the bar.

My upper body training days have had two main goals: to increase my endurance and to put on some muscle mass. Unfortunately, I have been slacking on my eating which has hindered the latter. I just need to make eating more a priority. Eating enough food allows your body to recover fully which in return allows you to push harder the next time you are in the gym.

If you are looking to put on some muscle mass while increasing your endurance, I highly recommend doing some sort of superset. A personal favorite of mine is bench super setted with inverted rows. Here is an example of something I have used the past month:

Main movement
Week 1: 6 sets
Bench x8
Inverted rows x12
Week 2: 6 sets
Bench x6
Inverted x10
Week 3: 6 sets
Bench x4
Inverted x6 paused at the top

This week I chose to test my endurance. After 1-2 months of endurance style weight training I go back to making strength a priority- meaning no more super sets. This is what I did Tuesday:


  • Banded triceps extension 3×10
  • Lat stretch 2x :30 sec
  • Push-ups 3×8
  • FB push-press 3×8
  • Football bar bench
  • The bar x10
  • 105 x6
  • 145 x8
  • 195 x8
  • 215 x8
  • 225 x8
  • 235 x8 this is technically a PR. Hell yeah!
  • Dips – 3 min of as many as I can
  • Chest supported row – 5×12
  • Dips – 3 min of as many as I can
  • Chest supported row – 5×12
  • Football bar JM press – 4×15

Not only did I recover much faster than I usually do, I hit a PR!


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