Free Classes and Schedule Changes.

posted on September 16, 2020

As we mentioned in our previous post we are now starting to introduce some free classes. The first class that will become a free class to all members is our Blitz class. The Blitz class is a 30 minute lunch time lift. The idea is that you can get a good lift in, shower and be back to work without missing your next important zoom meeting. Blitz is held in our new performance lab and Todd Hamer is the lead instructor for this class.


As we move forward with everything re-opening we will be slowly adding a few more free classes. So please keep your eyes open for this.


Schedule Changes.


We are now adjusting some class schedules. We are making these changes to better serve you the members. As with anything if you have issues please tell us as we want to make the best schedule we can for you.


Powerful evening classes will now be at 530 & 6PM. We are making this change so that each class can get to see each other and help us build a stronger community.


We are dropping our Tuesday morning bootcamp at 7 am.


We are also dropping our Monday and Wednesday 7 PM cardiolab.


If you have any issues with these changes please reach out to us and we will do the best we can to adjust our schedules.


Team UF




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