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From HIIT to Strong, Classes at UF

posted on July 25, 2022

UF offers many classes to help you on your fitness and strength journey. Today, I am going to review these classes and hopefully help you decide if taking classes is best for you, and which to take.




Our first class to review is our most popular. Powerful is a lifting class that is based on the big three lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift). In Powerful you will train each of these lifts on a different day, and you will still learn your accessories and even hit some conditioning. Powerful also has our strongest community as with this class you can use Teambuildr. Teambulidr is the software we use to program for the class, and you can track your progress as you become more POWERFUL!




CardioLab is both a noun and a verb. It is a room and it is a class. UF’s CardioLab has all the fun toys from bikes, ski ergs, rowers, to many different weighted implements. Whenever I meet with any of our CardioLab instructors I tell them our goal is burn 500 calories in under and hour and HAVE FUN! Having fun is a subjective idea, and each instructor brings their own version of fun to the hard work in CardioLab.



RYDE is our newest class and we are happy to offer cycling classes again. RYDE classes are broken into two styles. We offer our 30 minute classic RYDE. This class is a classic indoor cycling class. Our instructors will always bring a positive mental attitude and a well thought out playlist to motivate you.


RYDE Fusion is our hour long RYDE/CardioLab blended class. This class will have some aspects of an indoor cycling class as well as use of some of the other training tools we have in the CardioLab. This is the only class at UF that I have never personally taken, probably because I am afraid of hard work.




More people need YOGA in their lives. Whether you are a lifter or just training to stay in shape YOGA will help. Our YOGA instructors are prepared to meet you where you are at. The goal is to improve. Every time I have ever taken a YOGA class I am always shocked by how quickly the time passes. I am also always humbled for being so bad at YOGA. If you are new to YOGA try a weekend class and see how you feel moving into your next week.




Blitz is the easiest class on the list. As I said earlier I am afraid of hard work so of course I host the easiest class. All kidding aside Blitz is designed to keep you moving throughout your day. This is a lunchtime class that is only 30 minutes long. During a Blitz class we will grab a quick warm up, do some lifting and get a little sweat. If you are new to lifting this is a great introduction, if you are seasoned in lifting then this will be a good extra workout. As with all of our classes, we will scale to each persons abilities.


There it is, a basic review of all of our classes. Now decide what is best for you and let’s get better together.




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