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Hamer’s List of Gym Essentials

posted on March 16, 2021

Change is the only guarantee in life. Today I sit inside a gym that was once a fast food restaurant. This is movement for a better tomorow isn’t it? Knowing that lifting, life, and all of us will keep changing and growing here is my half-hearted look at gym essentials and how they have changed over the years.


  1. Shoes. Some people live and die with the olympic shoes (not a bad choice depending on stance, mobility, and depth of your squat). I came of age during the Chuck Taylor craze, I realize most have moved to Vans and I can dig this. I do ask that you don’t call your shoes “lifters” as it is dumb.
  2. Short shorts. I can admit that the length of shorts got out of control in the 1990’s and early 2000’s yet we don’t need to swing the pendulum as far as we have now (this is mostly directed at the guys in the room). Ward keeps telling me that Magnum PI had it right. I just say shouldn’t be past the knee yet mid thigh is fine, no need for shorter.
  3. Training shirt with the properly cut off sleeves. There are a multitude of ways to cut sleeves off. CeJ chews his off prior to training. My advice cut the sleeves off at the armpit, don’t be the homemade string tank top dude.
  4. Your special belt. We all know a good lifting belt can make a huge difference yet when your special belt is necessary for curls maybe your belt isn’t that great.
  5. All the mobility devices. I won’t lie I fell into the foam rolling craze 15 years ago and it’s great, yet if you carry your foam roller, tennis ball, buffer, theragun and three golf balls then maybe it’s time to cut back.
  6. Headphones. If you know me you know this is a pet peeve of mine. I try to be in the world as much as possible and I do have my favorite music yet I implore everyone to be in the moment with those around you. Building a better community takes communication.
  7. Deodorant. We have all had that training partner who didn’t do a great job with hygiene. One of the beauties of UF is that we have deodorant for you to use. A caveat to this there is no need to use the entire bottle of cologne prior to training.


This is just a short list of what we need and don’t need at the gym. I hope you understand that while this is a light hearted look (with maybe some truth).


Stay Strong,


Todd Hamer


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