Hamer’s Training Log

posted on February 7, 2020

I am preparing for the USPA Shark Tank meet in Cleveland, Ohio. This will be my first return to the platform in over a year and only my second time as a raw lifter.


Friday is bench day for me, and I am currently doing a 3 week wave of Dynamic Effort (DE) work on my bench.


Warm Up:


I always begin with jump rope. I hit 100 straight skips then just do anything else until I mess up on the rope. Following jump rope I do some shoulder mobility work and some work specific to lower trap engagement.

Bench with mini bands- 8×3 (165 lbs (50%))

FatBell Incline- 4×10 (70 lbs)

1a Machine Press- 4×30 sec

1b Machine Lat Pulldown- 4×10

2a Fat Bell Row- 3×8 (97 lbs)

2b Band Tricep Pushdown- 4×25


The idea with my accessories is simple…tear muscle down and rebuild. You may notice I had some timed work in there. I believe more people should perform timed work. We often see people program 4×10 with no idea on what tempo is being used. So pick an exercise and do some work for time. See how it feels and if it works for you then adjust the time appropriately.


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