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It’s Never Too Late; Start Now

posted on October 3, 2022

We are entering the tenth month of the year. 2022 is 75% of the way over and it’s now a perfect time to create better habits heading into the winter. We tend to use the calendar to set our goals and start new challenges. I am here today to tell you NOW is the time!


This week the nominees for the Nobel Peace Price will be announced. If you do not know how the Nobel Peace Prize got its name then you are in luck, as I am going to tell you a story. The Nobel Peace Prize is named after Alfred Nobel (1833-1896). Alfred was a Swede who during his lifetime was most well known for inventing dynamite. He invented dynamite to be used for safety. It would help miners remain at a distance while explosions would occur. The issue is that dynamite ended up becoming a weapon. One day Alfred opened the newspaper to read that overnight he had died. The paper had mistaken Alfred’s brother for Alfred. Yet, what he read was a headline about a man who died, and that man had caused more death than any human ever. This was clearly an awakening to Alfred.


Alfred did not want to be remembered as a killer, so he made a change. Upon his death he left his fortune to create the Nobel Prizes. He wanted to make humanity a better place for all peoples, and this was his way of paying it forward.


What Alfred teaches us about ourselves depends on your perspective. The way I see it, he reminds us that we can always adjust our sails. One of my favorite new artists is Jade Bird and in her great song, “Now is the time” she shares these lyrics:


“Never have I ever seen a better day to get upDoesn’t matter ’bout the weatherNow’s the time to go and get it”
As Alfred Nobel or Jade Bird reminds us, now is the time. It doesn’t matter what the past is, what the weather is, or past mistakes. All that matters is that we are here today so make a change. Now is the time to start anew and I challenge you to join me on a path of strength, health, and empowerment.



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