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July Training Log- Ryan Addresses Some Weak Points

posted on July 12, 2019


Building is the goal. Some weak points need to be built and others would be fun to push. My training approach for my upper and lower days are a little different. I will break down my log into Upper and Lower to better describe what I plan on doing. Most if not all the training that I program for myself is experimental. This helps be a better coach and is really fun. 


Upper goals:


Big traps, shoulders and biceps. Biceps that more resemble mountains than arms. This is purely for fun. No real bench or strength goals for my upper body as of right now. Luckily right now there are no upper body injuries or any pain to speak of. I will treasure this moment for as long as I can. So I am just going to do what I want. I want to not be able to fit in doorways because my shoulders are so large, so how do I plan to accomplish this? With these exercises…


  1. Captain Kirk Upright Rows 
  2. Farmer carries
  3. Seated cleans 
    1. I have never used these in training but I stole them from a Jim Wendler article. (Look up an old picture of Jim and you’ll see that his traps barely stayed in his shirt.)


Now for the shoulders. I have never done a lot of direct shoulder work. My overhead press is rather unimpressive. Which is great since I have something to work on and only get better. But I want to throw more bodybuilding stuff in.


Shoulder exercises:

  1. Lateral raises (Relatively heavy)
  2. LOTS of rear delt’s 
    1. Banded rear delts  are my favorite right now 
  3. Incline Barbell Front raises 


Lower Goals:


Hamstrings all day. I plan to throw some bodybuilding tactics in like supersets, drop sets, and some more machines than I usually do. My hamstrings are weak so it’s time to make sure they catch up to the rest of me.  I have always hit two lower body days with one being more squat focused and the other being more deadlift focused. My deadlift day would involve some direct hamstring work, but not so much on my squat day. 


NOW I plan for both days to be hamstring driven. For example on squats I plan to widen my stance to fully hit the hamstrings while super setting with Fatbell or Dumbbell stiff leg DL’s. This combination allows me to feel the hamstring throughout the squat movement. So exercise choices will include:


  1. Slow eccentric stiff leg DL
  2. Machine hamstring curls 
    1. Single leg
    2. Slow eccentric 
    3. 20 reps 
  3. GHR (Glute Hamstring Raise)
    1. Slow eccentric
  4. Wide stance leg press 


I’m looking forward to this change of pace and excited to have some fun with new challenges in terms of my own training. 


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