June Meal of the Week- Alison’s 500 calorie lunch prep

posted on June 12, 2019

Meal of the Week

Alison Yee


This weekend I meal prepped 30 meals for my sister, brother in law and myself in under an hour. My weekends tend to be fairly busy but I prioritize meal prepping because I know how much I fall apart during the week without taking the time to plan ahead.  I remotely coach and program for my siblings and decided to meal prep for them as well because, honestly, I was sick of their bitching.  The constant choir of “Why am I not losing body fat?!?” and the “I swear I’m doing everything right!” was so irritating in the way that only family members can irritate that I had no choice left but to take over their kitchens. 




This week’s lunch is:

  • Roasted potatoes with peppers and onions/ 150g
  • Lime and cilantro seasoned chicken/ 5oz
  • Wild arugula/ 1cup
  • Crumbled blue cheese/ 1oz
  • Organic Power to the greens/ 1 cup 


Protein: 37.9g  Carbs: 35.2g  Fat: 25.0g  Calories 518


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