June Training Log- Alexa’s New Training Cycle

posted on June 21, 2019

It is June 21st and I am ending my second week of a new training cycle.  Two weeks is enough time to give feedback into how I am liking this new training style. My main lifts are heavy and light and I am alternating heavy (1-5 reps) one week and light (6-12 reps) the following. The idea is to keep the exercises the same for 4 weeks however, the load changes. This might be more difficult to adapt to and overload on, but I might be able to maintain this cycle for a longer period of time.


I enjoy the light weeks because it teaches you to reinforce mechanics, flushes blood through, and provides not only a physical, but also a mental break from heavier loads. And honestly, it feels great training for hypertrophy. The modulation of stress from week to week makes recovery and training days feel more feasible and less taxing. Another spin on this cycle is the addition of cleans and overhead squatting. Both are not in my typical cycles throughout the year however, it’s something I need and want to get better at and not to mention they are both frustrating and a baaalasssta (how the kid’s say ‘blast’ nowadays). Below is probably one of my more favored days.


Here is what I did on Thursday:

Sumo DL 3×6 

Hang Power Clean + Front Squat 10x 1 + 2

A1. Cossack Squat 3×8

A2. Belt Squat RDL 3×10

B1. BB Good Mornings 3×15

B2. Landmine Bent Over Row w. Towel 3×8-10

C1. Leg Curl 3x (10 single, 10 together)

C2. AB Roller 3×10


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