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Learn Your Gym

posted on May 20, 2021

I have now been working at UF for 20 months and during this time I have realized that I am spoiled. Few gyms have what we have here at Union. So I would today I am going to give you a review of some equipment that we have and maybe you are unfamiliar with it’s usage.


Considering that we have 4 separate areas some of this may not matter to you if you only use certain areas, yet it’s is always good to have an overview. I will break these down by gym spaces.


Fitness Center


Machines- As with most gyms we have a large selection of machines and I will not bore you by walking you through how to use each and everyone of them. Most have instructions on the machine. We also have the cardio machines with the explanations. As with anything please feel free to ask us if you do not know how to use any of these machines.

Kettlebells- We have KB’s up to 100 lbs. KB’s have become very popular over the past decade and they have many uses. Most people use these properly and there are more uses than most ever think of so ask any of us and we can give you some new ideas.


Strength Lab


The Strength Lab has a lot of cool tools and I’ll list some here.


Monolifts- These are the squat racks that most gyms do not have. They have a jack to adjust the bar to your height. Generally they are used facing towards the windows. Also, if you have someone run the handle you can squat without the need of walking out. This is nice as it prevents you from possible misstepping and hurting yourself. There are also safety straps for when you don’t have a proper spot.


The Rig- This is the big thing in the middle. It is basically 6 stations in one. There is also the monkey bars, just be careful and safe with these.


Frankenhypers- Frankenhypers are the glute-ham, reverse hyper combos. Both exercises are good for lower body days and with all the micro adjustments I would recommend asking one of us how to best use these.


Fatbells- As CeJ once said, “Imagine if a kettlebell and dumbbell had a baby, this is the fatbell.” They can be used similar to KB’s or DB’s presses, lunges, rows etc. I do not recommend swings or snatches with them as IMO KB’s are superior for these movements.




Ski Erg- Give them a go. They are pretty simple, grab the handles throw them down and come back up. Again there are finer points yet pretty basic movement.


Bikes- Pedal! Good rule of thumb when you set the seat use the top of your hip joint as a guide to where the seat should be.


Ergs- Rowing may be the most miserable exercise, avoid at all costs. Some like this yet these people like hard work more than I do.


Performance Lab


The newest arrival in this room is the powerblocks. There are adjustable dumbbells, they are great for quick changes to weight. There is a plastic piece that slides in to adjust the weight from 5-95. These are very easy to use and are very convenient.


This is a basic overview of all the fun things we have. As always please ask and we will do all that we can to help you!


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