March Training Log: Alexa

posted on March 1, 2019

By: Alexa Ferri

It has been a long six weeks of the Triphasic program. It had two weeks of eccentrics, two weeks of pause, and two weeks of concentric work accompanied by chains. I am happy for two reasons: 1) I learned that I suck at eccentric squats and need more of them and 2) I feel good, my body feels strong, and this new style of training took me out of my comfort zone…and to me that is the most important piece. Triphasic programming is interesting because you get a new modality of training (important for those who get bored with training easily), you become cognizant of your weaknesses, and you learn what you like and what you do not (which means you probably need more of it).

Currently, I am on the last week of this entire program and starting to write the next one. The big focus for the next program is to grow my shoulders, back, glutes, and abs (always more abs). So I am programming some additional shoulder, glute, back, and ab work 2-3 times per week. Oh boy! Ryan and I are taking on a competition to see who can grow their quads the most by July. So, basically I want to grow- and this takes time. I can only focus on the small wins each cycle and compare to the last. Looking at the big picture can get paralyzing. So to keep me focused, I really focus on enjoying the trivial successes, just as much as the big ones.

Here is a Bench Day from this week:

Bench w/ chains @85-90% 4×2
Bent over BB row 4×8
1a. SA FB Bench 4×10
1b. Zottman curls 4×10
1c. Lying leg raise 4×15
2a. Face pulls 4×20
2b. Cable tricep pushdowns 4×10 – 3 drop sets
2c. Cable crunches 4×15
3a. Chain flyes 4×10
3b. Ring rows 4×10-neutral, 10-horizontal
3c. TRX ab medley 4x5per

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