Mask Up

posted on November 23, 2020

Hopefully all of you who are reading this are doing well and staying healthy. Today’s blog is a little different, as I want to make it very clear where UF stands on our mask policy.


Masks are required at all times at UF and while visiting NOVA Place. There will be no more warnings and anyone caught breaking this policy will have their membership revoked immediately. This includes any of our staff our members and anything that is posted online. We support your lifting and hope you tag us in your videos and pictures, yet if the rules are broken we will consider this the end of your membership.


Our goal is to be the strongest gym as well as creating a great sense of community for all who enter our gym. We cannot do this if all members and staff do not feel safe. We appreciate all of your feedback and as always any or all complaints can be handed directly to Todd Hamer (General Manager).


Thanks and let’s stay healthy together and get stronger TOGETHER.


Todd Hamer


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