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Meal of the Week; Breakfast of Champions

posted on October 19, 2021

Years ago I used to write for elitefts, I was lucky enough to be a columnist for a decade or so with them. For the younger or newer people reading this elitefts was the go to for all things strength. Dave Tate had assembled some of the top coaches, lifters, and scientists to write about training. On a few occasions we did programs or articles together. One article was entitled, “Breakfast of Champions.” I am going to borrow that name for today’s blog. The article was just a pic and description of what each of us ate for breakfast. Today I will do something similar, and hope you start your day off with a healthy and nutritious breakfast.


My diet tends to be solid at the bookends of the day. When I am at work I fall apart due to all of you bringing me treats (don’t stop please). I am at the point in my life where I don’t worry too much about my diet, as long as it isn’t terrible. For breakfast I pretty much stick to the same outline with small variations daily. It is important to have some variation to your food no matter how healthy. Without going too deep into science you must vary your food or even the healthiest of foods can become unhealthy.

Eggs are key. I don’t eat much meat so I need to keep my protein up. From there veggies are a huge part of breakfast. One mistake I see often is people wait to eat their veggies. Get them in early, today is radishes, tomatoes (fake veggies), peppers (more fake ones), garlic, and tons of mushrooms. Add eggs and a little cheese, this is the perfect main course. For the sides I go with fruit and a Dave’s bagel (Tenzing calls them Popeye bagels). Add some water, freshly ground coffee and there it is.


When people hear what I eat daily the response is often, I don’t have time to do that. My entire set up takes 15 minutes. So find 15 minutes to get your day started right and you won’t be disappointed.






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