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posted on January 10, 2020

Dave Tate is a friend and in many ways a mentor. If you are not aware of who Dave is then visit his website www.elitefts.com. You may notice this site looks familiar as they did most of the equipment here at Union Fitness. One of his mantras is “live, learn and pass on.” I often think about these words when I do my job. We must live (practice what we preach), learn (continue to push our education) and pass on (share what we know with others). This leads me to the mindset we must have in the gym.


We all have goals when we enter the doors of any gym. Some people have the goal of increasing their strength while others may want to drop a few pounds. No matter what the goal we all must approach what we are doing with a strong mindset. Too often in the world of training people assume this mindset means you must be rude while you are training. While goals and having your program are important it is also important to keep yourself open to others and to live, learn and pass on.


I left collegiate strength and conditioning to become the GM at Union Fitness because it is truly a one of a kind gym environment. I hope you all understand that few gyms can say they have multiple 700 lbs squatters, 700 lbs dead lifters and they are training next to people who may be deadlifting for the first time. This is a cool place to be, yet what makes it better is that there is a mutual respect. Whether your goal is to bench press 600 lbs or to bench press 135 lbs- it doesn’t matter. What matters is are you helping those around you and are you improving while helping?


Due to my job I have to train at work and at times my training is interrupted by work, this is the price I pay for having such a cool job. For all of you are members I hope you know that when you come in here it is our goal to allow you to not be interrupted by work, life, and the outside stressors. So when you come to us we ask that you be prepared to live, learn and pass on so everyone can become stronger and better versions of ourselves.



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