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One Area I Know I Failed

posted on October 25, 2021

Union Fitness is such a unique “gym.” We have had comedy shows, host powerlifting meets, raised money for the Urban League of Great PGH, act as the strength and conditioning department for two universities, and are the coolest gym around (IMO). Even after stating that I know I have failed all of you. As I review what we do, and what we can do better, I realized that I have done a terrible job at reminding everyone why we are here.


One of the first things I did two years ago was to come up with out tenets. I wanted to make sure we knew why we were doing what we were doing. We created a comprehensive list of tenets that defines our why. Since then I have done a terrible job sharing and reminding everyone of this information. I am now going to do a much better job sharing this information. I will start by remind you what are tenets are.


Unions Tenets

1.   Postive mental attitude.

We must be the thermostat not the thermometer.

2.   Create community and be a team.

Be a great flight attend.

We are here to create an experience.

3.   Enjoy what you do and have fun.

If you do not enjoy your job or your training then who’s fault is that?

4.   Educate yourself and others, continue your education.

We are all educated and must continue to learn more as well as teaching what we know.


If you don’t want to train then why are you here?


6.    Perception is reality.

The members perception of your attitude is your attitude.

7.    Be the presence.

Every member should hear their name at least once during their visit.

Make sure people know when they are here, that they are the most important person.


There it is, the 7 tenets that we must stick to here at UF. Please hold us accountable to these. As we continue to work on being the best for all of our members, if you see us fail to live up to these then please tell us.




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