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CeJ’s Training

posted on October 27, 2021

Unioners, take a peek at my training that I’m having fun with for the next few weeks. The goals of my current training are to push strength in different movements, feel good, improve work capacity, and as always to #GetBumpy. Drop down below to check out what I’m tossing around. Oh, you’re always welcome to join my hoist sessions.


Monday- Upper Body; Bench Press

1a. Football Bar Bench 5×5

2a. Football Bar Spoto Bench 4×6-8

3a. Meadows Row 5x10each

4a. High Alternating DB Incline Bench 3×10-12e

4b. Cybex Lat PullDown 3×10-12

5a. 3 Way Shoulder Fly & DB Skull Crushers 3×10-Burn


Tuesday- Lower Body; Deadlift

1a. Sumo Deadlift 5×5

2a. Barbell RDL 4×10

3a. GHR 4×10

3b. Ab Wheel Roll Out 4×10-15

4a. Machine Ham Curl 3xBurn

4a. Single Leg Glute Bridge 3×10-12e


Wednesday- Cardiyoo

1a. Incline Treadmill x15-20mins

2a. Air Bike Sprint 8-10x:20 sec

2b. Trap Bar Carry 8-10x Down & Back

2c. MB Wall Rotations 8-10x10e

3a. Stretch/ Rollout


Thursday- Upper Body; Bumps

1a. Push Press 5×5

2a. Dips vs Chains 5×10

2b. Chin-Ups 5×10

3a. DB Bench 3×10

3b. DB Single Arm Row 3×10

4a. Cable Fly 2xBurn

4b. Incline Shrug to Raise 2xBurn

5b. Push-Up/Machine Chest Press 75-100 reps


Friday-Lower Body; Cleans & Squats

1a. Hang Clean 5×3

2a. Squat 5×5

3a. Barbell Good A.M. 3-4×6-8

4a. Leg Press 3-4×10-12

5a. Bulgarian Split Squat 3-4×10

5b. Single Leg RDL 3-4×10

5c. HLR 3-4×10+



Saturday- Strongman or Cardiyoo

Sunday- Walk the Doggos


There it is my fine feathered friends, my week of training fun. If you want to jump on this train, there is plenty of room to roll. Let the questions roll in and let’s get bumpy.




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