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Strength Foundations

posted on July 10, 2017

Strength Foundations
New to the gym and interested in strength training? We have a 30 minute solution!
UF has been around for a good 9 months now and we’re really starting to settle in. We’ve got a great group of people doing all kinds of fitness activities – dedicated spinners, lunchtime running warriors, Fatbell devotees, and lots of new lifters getting really good at the big barbell lifts. We’ve had a big surge in membership recently and we want to get all of our new members involved in classes and comfortable enough to try something that might be new to them in the form of resistance training. How do we plan on doing that? Our new Strength Foundations class.
This class is short – just 30 minutes – and offered during the lunch hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or Monday evenings at 6:30. It’s an entirely technique-focused class, so you can expect to use your bodyweight, PVC pipe, some light Fatbells, and maybe a training bar to start. We cap the class at just 5 people and base the day’s activities on who is in each class. You can expect to go over the basics of squatting, hip hinging, proper pressing, and safe pulling. We also like to go over basics on how to use the gym – signing up for classes, equipment sharing etiquette, what the heck a monolift even IS, etc.
At Union Fitness, we also focus on the things you’re doing outside the hour or two you spend at the gym. The means sleep, nutrition, stress and time management, and proper recovery in general. We make sure to discuss the basics on these topics while you’re between drills in class. You leave each half hour session with a basic goal to work on, like prioritizing protein-rich foods at each meal, sleeping 8 hours each night, or practicing meditation for 5 minutes each day. We’ll probably also direct you to one of our excellent yoga classes to destress and stretch out!
One of the best parts of this class is that it’s free! We want all of our members to practice good form and be confident working out on their own, so we open this class to anyone and everyone who is interested in bettering their technique. After you’ve completed a few of these classes, you’ll be ready to jump right into a Fatbell Revolution or #powerful class, and you’ll be totally comfortable with whatever we throw at you, be it push-presses or suitcase swings. You DO need to sign up for this class in person at the gym, so stop by the desk and talk to Alison, Beth, or Lindsey to get enrolled.


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