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Know Your Why

This week I officially celebrate one year working here at UF. I have learned much about running a gym and have made plenty of mistakes this past year. It has been a year unlike any other. I spent much of the time when we were closed considering a question many of us have asked. Why do we do what we do.


You may be asking yourself, isn’t “Start with Why,” the title of a book? Yes it is. In my 20’s and into my 30’s I read many books of the self help/success genre. As I have moved into my 40’s I have diversified my reading immensely. Much like training when you read you should grow with the books you read and the books you are currently reading should lead you down a path to more in-depth books. Just as your training should evolve, so should your mind.


This leads me back to our why. As a gym/training center/performance center our why is to help you improve. Now we can ask,  “How can we do this?” As I see it, we are a lifestyle company as well as an entertainment company. Lifestyle as we help people live and lead a better lifestyle. Entertainment as we want to make this a fun and exciting environment.


Knowing our why we have now added one more way to add to your lifestyle. Next to the cardio lab we have added a bookshelf. This bookshelf is our mini-library. You may notice the sign that says, take a book, leave a book, just please read more. This is our goal for our mini-library. All books are there for anyone who wants them and we hope you may even add to our books by dropping off a book that once helped you grow.


Thanks and please read more.